The Renovation – Part One

We bought the house in May of 2008 and decided we would slowly remodel the house over the next few years. We found out I was pregnant {surprise!!!} a month later and at the urging of my Mom, we decided to strip the house down to the studs and start over with the help of my husband’s parents…they did about 99.9% of the gutting (my husband had to work and I was urged to not be around the dust and whatever else since I was pregnant). We started in November of 2008 and four kids later, we are still at it in 2016 2020. Take a look at our first DIY Project, our first home!

I only have a few pictures of what the place looked like before we started remodeling. We did not live there very long before we started remodeling and well, … you will understand why when you see the before!

Let’s start with the main level. Here is the original kitchen; tiny, dark, and full of doors…FIVE of them. That’s my father-in-law under the sink.

Small The Kitchen Before

Look at the last picture above, do you see the door that is on the same wall as the stove? Wait for it…

That is the bathroom. It’s so small that I had to take a picture from in the kitchen. It is about the length of a standard bathtub and your knees easily touched the sink when you sat down.

Next, we have the living room/dining room? We heard the “dining” room was probably a bedroom. It was very small, to give you an idea of how small, our queen sized bed just fit.

The Dining Room Before

As for the size of the living room, the furniture we had, a couch and love seat, completely filled the room. Say, “hello” to my husband.

Small The Living Room Before

Let’s head upstairs. The stairwell, dark and kinda creepy.

Small The Stairwell Before

The last picture shows the landing. To the left, is a bathroom that I’m pretty sure used to be a bedroom…or it was both. Ewww. The yellow room, aka “Sponge Bob” bedroom was big enough to hold a twin bed. The little sliver of brown on the right is the “Front” bedroom. Let’s take a look at  the Bathroom/Bedroom.

Small The Bathroom Bedroom Before
Isn’t it awesome?! Seriously, who puts a toilet directly IN FRONT of a window?!! Alright, moving on.

The “Sponge Bob” room. Say, “hi” to my Mom {she’s going looove that I put this picture in here. Haha. #sorrynotsorry}.

Small The Sponge Bob Room
This room fit a twin sized bed and that was about it. It was also the hottest room in the house. In the last picture you can see how tiny the landing was. And  finally, the “Front” bedroom.

small Front Bedroom Before
This room wasn’t too bad. I loved the windows in this room. The doorway next to the windows was a closet, we ended up removing it.

And here is what the walls looked like after the lath and plaster was removed. That was just the beginning…see the boards, each board had to have the nails removed with a nail puller (worst job ever) about three nails per side and each nail was roughly 3″ long (again, nail puller = worst job ever). It took a long time and a lot of energy to get the nails pulled out enough to remove them with crowbar.

Small Layers
I hope you enjoyed the look back on our home. In the next post, I will be sharing what the house looked like after we got everything tore out, walls moved and rebuilt, addition built, wiring completed, and spray foam insulation installed.


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