As I was looking for pictures to post…this is all I found.

2012 was the year I started reading about anything and everything nutrition related. I believe 2012 was the year we started juicing, and by juicing, I’m referring to extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables via a juicer. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was our introduction to juicing and it greatly improved our health and started us off on improving our nutrition.June 16 2012

I remember feeling really good about myself in these picture. I was finally starting to see the baby weight come off and feeling more like myself.

July 12 2012

My oldest was almost 3 and youngest almost 2. This was also my in home daycare years and my husband working around the clock (or so it felt). I remember we were pulling ourselves out of debt and slowly finishing the outside of our house. Which explains the endless pictures of cute kids and pictures of our house.

Aug 14 2012 Sep 6 2012


I believe my main source of fitness in 2012 was walking and Beachbody’s Yoga Booty Ballet or Brazil Butt Lift. I would take workout in the mornings and then take the girls on a walk at the end of my day. The BOB duallie was the best “baby/kid” purchase ever at that point in my life. No joke. We could go anywhere…easily.

Again, I hate getting my picture taken and I’d rather show you pictures of my kids, my food, scenery, etc. than showing you my pictures. Let’s move on to 2013, maybe there will be more photos. 🙂

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