I became a Beachbody Coach in April of 2013. I was so proud of myself for getting to the picture on the left, which was a struggle and I spent a lot of time reading about various ways to lose weight. When I became a coach, I also joined my coach’s Challenge Group. I still continued to do Brazil Butt Lift and struggling with my nutrition (I hated My Fitness Pal and logging my food). I can’t even remember what I weighed, or my measurements were in the before and afters, but I do remember this was the first time I stayed consistent with a dvd program for more than 30 days.
Before After

At some point in 2013 after a few unexplained health conditions, tons of research, and inconclusive allergy testing; I made the decision to go gluten free and also attempted to go dairy free. 21 Day Fix’s container system along with Shakeology helped me navigate the expensive gluten free/dairy free world. I believe the picture below is the beginning of my third pregnancy or just before I got pregnant.

With my first pregnancy, I lived it up. I gave into every craving and ate HUGE servings. My first pregnancy also happened with us just purchasing a house with plans to renovate…slowly. We had purchased the house in May, found out I pregnant in June, were married by October, and started gutting the house by November of 2008. It was a period of a lot of things coming together at once and I used food to cope with those changes.

I got smarter and more active with each pregnancy … who knew you did NOT need to eat everything in sight and you’re not as fragile as you’re lead to believe during pregnancy?! 😉 With my third pregnancy, I was determined to continue using the container system (adjusted for pregnancy), continue drinking Shakeology, and continue with workouts for as long as I could. This is me in December 2013 … 6ish(?) months pregnant after completing ChaLean Extreme.

Dec 12 2013
Let’s see what I remember of 2014.

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