As my belly grew, I stopped sleeping well, working out was becoming difficult because of the pubis symphasis, as well as walking without pain, even sitting was uncomfortable. My husband also changed jobs twice during the beginning of 2015…if I remember correctly.

In my quest to stay active, I went from program to program trying to find something that gave me that “burn” but didn’t leave me unable to move for the rest of the day or days after.

Finding a way to stay active
This marked my last attempt at staying active during this pregnancy. I was intimidated by Body Beast and was letting the program collect dust, I had it on my wish list to do after this pregnancy. I’m not sure what changed, but I decided to look at the program and saw that you train different areas of the body on different days and leg day happened once per week. Most programs I did up to this point were all totally body and because of the pubis symphasis, that meant I spent days in pain and unable to move normally.

The Beast
I was hooked. It wasn’t so much about how I looked, it more about how I felt. My body was getting harder, I was getting that muscle definition I was wanting, I was getting stronger, I was encouraged to eat a lot of food! It helped me relieve so much stress and I could do the program most days (towards the end of my pregnancy, I had to skip leg day). I also modified a few moves to make it work with pregnancy. I began learning more about food and macros and iifym and it was life changing.

Just a Pregnant Beast
Dude. Where have you been all my life?!?! Why did I not ever get into lifting sooner?! Just look at the changes happening while pregnant, while doing my best with nutrition (many food aversions during this pregnancy), while not having a lot of energy, while sitting on my butt most of the day …

The Final Months

June 8th came and all the obsessing over the type of birth I wanted vs what would actually happen was over. I was able to attempt and have a successful VBA2C, although, I did beg for a cesarean during labor…I guess that will happen when your baby ends up being 9lbs 12.4oz. Turns out, Body Beast creates beastly babies…Completely kidding!! Sort of. 😉

Here we go again
Here we go again! And let’s add some crazy new challenges to having a newborn, a 15 month-old, a 6 year old, an almost 5 year old, and part 4 of our home remodel by becoming a personal trainer and started the course a month after giving birth!

I spend the rest of the year wondering, why I chose to become a trainer at this point in my life, feeling guilty because I was “ignoring” my children and spouse in order to study, staying up late with my husband because I felt guilty that our son wanted Dad at night and Dad had to get up early and work. During the day, it was all about just trying to get through the day with a little boy that demanded constant attention and whose cries were so loud and so hard to ignore … as well as making sure the older two got to school on time, attempting sleep training, attempting to study or workout or nap, and making sure I did not sleep through school pick up. My body could not keep up with all the demands and stress. My weight fluctuated and I felt like I was living in a constant “fog”  and could not see clearly.

2015 year end
Head on over to 2016 to continue following my journey.

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