It’s January and by the grace of God (seriously, there had to be divine forces in play, I’m a horrible test taker and I was sleep deprived) I passed my exam!! Now I can ride off into the sunset and start training people …

I passed
except that when I signed up for the Personal Training course, I had also signed up for a Behavorial Change, Women’s Fitness, and Fitness Nutrition Specializations. Sonofab….Back to the books. We worked on digging out our basement so it was level all the way through, laying down plastic, laying down insulation, in-floor heat tubing, and now we wait to find a weekend where the stars align and we can get help with pouring the new slab.

By May, I completed all my specialization. Plantar fasciitis also came back and I spend most of the summer hobbling around. I spent many months trying different remedies to relieve my pain wearing my custom made orthodic inserts, flexibility training, foot stretches and exercises, chiropractor, massage, cold epsom salt soaks, warm epsom salt soaks, massage + cupping, massage + cold laser treatment … finally massage plus cold laser treatment plus rest plus a foot and walk assessment from orthopedist to find the correct shoe was the combination that brought me relief. I still need to take it slow, but I’m finally moving!

We (by we, I mean our son) are is still not sleeping through the night unless he’s in our bed. He’s still demanding, still loud, and so strong. The last year has taught us we need to adjust the way we parent and we’re still trying to figure it out … what worked with our daughters does not work with him.

That brings us to now. The new school year for our children is just around the corner and I’m so excited to get back to my fitness routine (and a quieter house), mess around with more DIY projects, and helping others with their fitness routine.


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