DIY Kid Room Makeover – 2 years later

Thanks to facebook and Google Photos Assistant, I was reminded what I was up to two years ago. Which also reminded me I intended to write a post about how I painted the room, but never got around to it (Update: I got around to it! Read about it here). If you do not know me very well or have just discovered this blog, I will give you a glimpse into our lives two years ago. In June of 2015 we Welcomed our fourth child (15 months after our 3rd) and decided to put a big sister with a younger sibling to help them bond … and to give the older siblings somewhere to retreat when they needed space from each other.

I have recently heard several requests from my oldest daughter to change up her room. She would like a to add this or buy new this or rearrange that or completely repaint … I’ve shot down all requests (Dude! Can we please get through other projects first Aaaarrrrghh). We fell into the idea of a makeover by switching roomMATES & rooms! YES! This was the easiest transformation ever! Clothing, bedding, stuffies and curtains were the only things we had to move. It took about an hour to switch everything and put it away as well as a little cleaning. They’re happy, I don’t feel like I’m constantly saying no, and I did not spend a dime!

Here is how they looked two years ago:


Here is how they look now  – Decorations, custom Wall Art were added shortly after painting the rooms. There are a few more items I would like to build for each room and a few more decorations to add — once we finish installing and painting trim and baseboards? The purple room became all purple and has an adventure/travel theme. Eiffel Tower via Hobby Lobby (I did not pay full price).

The Turquoise room is all turquoise now. We are working towards a beach theme. Chandelier found on Amazon.

                                                                                             Welcome Aboard Buoy via Hobby Lobby.

Stay tuned for more DIY artwork and future build projects for these rooms.

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