I’ve always hated getting my picture taken … still do, but I’m learning to get over it. Getting pictures taken is one thing, but actually sharing these pictures on social media is intimidating! Sharing them on my blog, years after they’ve been taken, is less intimidating. Since I spent many years avoiding the camera, I had a limited selection to choose from so you may see selfies rather than full body pictures. As you read through the years, you may also notice a lack of information about what was going on during that time period. I’m doing my best to remember through sleep deprivation and constant distractions.

I became a coach to show others what could be accomplished through small daily steps. I became certified as a personal trainer to make it “official.” What I learned through the certification process was actually what I did naturally through the years. My fitness journey is constantly evolving, I have my ups and downs, and I’m constantly learning and making adjustments as needed. I hope my journey inspires you to keep trying, to use what resources you have at your disposal (or make them work for you), to inspire you to invest in yourself, and to embrace a more active lifestyle.


2017 {Gotta wait until January}


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