My top fitness finds (and what you can do with them) from Aldi for under $20

I have been a long-time Aldi shopper, it has helped this family of 6 eat well for less. I ran to our local Aldi this week and I found these great fitness tools*. If you are looking to start a fitness routine this year, start building a home gym, or have something to use on days you cannot make it to the gym, this post is for you! *Prices, availability, and quantities may differ by location. Check your local store for availability or check out the ad for your location by going here.


Exercise Mat – It can be used for an anti-slip surface, extra cushion to do floor work or stretches, or used for yoga!

yogaMassage Roller – Perfect for improving your flexibility by working out knots in your muscles before exercising and helpful for post-workout/day-after soreness. These come in different textures so if you haven’t tried foam rolling before, be sure to get a roller that is smooth.

Exercise Ball – These come in different sizes so pay attention closely. Check out this article for choosing the correct size ball.  Using an exercise ball is great for beginners. It provides stability while performing crunches, back extensions, squats, and during stretching. It can also provide resistance during cardio training and can be used to improve your balance.

Kettle Bell Set – Some people love ‘em. Some hate ‘em. For $20 it’s not a bad investment for a variety of weights. The design of the weight makes it feel a bit heavier and awkward than a dumbbell, so it can be tougher to handle — which is perfect for challenging your body and improving strength, balance, and power.

8lb Medicine Ball – Medicine balls are an excellent tool for building strength, balance, stability, and coordination. They allow you to move more freely than traditional weight lifting methods and can increase your power and speed while improving your body’s ability to move together. Medicine balls do work your back and abs so make sure this is a weight you can handle.

Suspended Body Weight Trainer – Check the box for installation instructions and weight limit before you purchase.  This systems use your own body weight and give you freedom to train your muscles from different angles. It also forces you to engage more muscles by keeping your body stable while performing exercises.

When we talk about exercise, we also need to talk about diet. The last two picks are to help you improve your diet.

Personal Drink Mixer – These are perfect for blending protein shakes or making fruit smoothies. Everything is mixed right in your cup so you can blend and go. I have not tried this brand, but we have used something similar and love it!

Water Filter Pitcher – I don’t know about you, but having cold, filtered water makes it more likely I’ll drink it. If you need more flavor, you could add fruit to the bottom portion to make fruit infused water.


These are my top fitness finds at Aldi. Which one of these interests you? I also have ready to go fitness plans that focus on using a foam roller, stability ball, kettle bells, medicine balls, or body suspension exercises. You can send an email to to learn more or purchase. Etsy shop coming soon.

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