The Renovation – Part Two

Fast Forward a few months and we are ready for drywall! This is also where my pictures of the house progression pretty much ends. We started this project in November 2008 and welcomed our daughter in March 2009. After March, I was pretty much useless when it came to helping out with the house. During the time of our remodel, my husband was working 50-60 hour weeks at his job and then working on the house at night or on weekends. We were living with my husband’s parents house (60 minutes away from our house) during the remodel and after our daughter was born, I split my time between my Mom’s (90 minutes away from our house). If you missed my earlier post, you can read Part One here.

While the house was being brought down to the studs, we were also digging a basement for a 14-foot addition. We have a small lot, with a tiny garage (and power lines) about 15ish feet away, as dirt was being excavated, the bucket hit the original basement wall, which is made of stone and motor, and we lost the entire east wall. It really turned out to be a blessing in disguise {and gave us another project. Post coming summer 2016}. The addition allowed us to add a bigger kitchen, easier access to the basement, a master bedroom, a second bathroom, and a closet.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Straight ahead, we have stairs that lead to the basement. On the right, where the octagon window is, used to be a closet that was off the dining room/bedroom. Next to that, we have the original bathroom. We closed up the original entrance into the bathroom and the original door into the closet. The new opening is off the kitchen and our shower is pretty much the entire size of the closet…those that have seen our shower are jealous and love it!
Kitchen Layout
Here is another view of the kitchen. The original kitchen became our dining room.
Kitchen Layout 2
This view is where our future cabinets, corner pantry will be, and island with additional cabinets and cook top.
Kitchen Layout 3
Let’s move into the dining area.
As you look at this photo, imagine the rectangle is the original door in the kitchen. The large windows to the right is where the original windows were located as well as the original floor to ceiling cabinets. Under the stairs, is where the original steps to the basement were located as well as another door. We removed the extra door and closed up the wall. The space under the stairs is now a storage closet. We also removed the doorway leading to the old dining room and the doorway leading to the exterior door.
Living Dining Layout
Here is the view from the old dining room into the living room. We removed the entire wall and another door way. It is a nice open space. Let’s take a look upstairs.
Living Room Layout

This is the view from the top of the stairs. We removed the closet from the front room and added a space for another window (last minute) decision.
Stairwell Layout
This is another view from the top of the stairs. The dashed line in the picture is where the original part of the house ended; beyond that line is the addition. The addition holds a master bedroom, a window-less bathroom and behind the bathroom wall is our closet. We turned the bathroom/bedroom into a laundry closet and hallway.
Hallway Layout
While we were build and shifting walls, we decided to raise the upstairs ceiling to 9ft. Best decision ever and it really wasn’t that difficult. Aside from my husband’s cabinet, I love how much room we have up here.
Hallway Layout2
At this stage of construction, we still have an unfinished basement with a partial dirt floor, unfinished siding, a partially finished roof, a yard that needed major tlc, a front porch that needed replacing, and we were working on refinishing the original trim and doors.

In part three, I will either show you a few things we have done to the exterior or I will show the completed house (minus trim work).

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