Walkin’ in Wausau – Bluegill Bay Park

I hesitated sharing this park. It’s one of those places hidden in plain sight (ok, I kept forgetting about it) and after you have ‘discovered’ it for yourself, you want to keep it for yourself. But keeping it to myself is not very nice, especially when you need a fresh place to visit so your kids can burn some energy.

Bluegill Bay Park is massive and has everything — water frontage, gravel/dirt walking trails, a playground, TWO bathroom facilities, tons of open space, wooded areas, picnic tables and benches.

Isn’t it beautiful?! I could sit here for at least 10 minutes.

Image credit: Google Maps

We usually enter the Bluegill Bay Park through Parrot Lane. This is the boat landing entrance, but there is additional parking along the bathroom building and it forces the kids to walk a little bit before heading to the playground. 😉

Image credit: Google Maps

Here is a zoomed out view of how to get there. If you are exiting Walmart, head straight through the stop lights.
We typically come here without the bikes and for short visits, without the stroller. On our first visit here (with the stroller), we followed anything that looked like a trail. My pictures are probably out of order as I’m sharing from two separate visits. I think I’ll let my pictures do the talking for this post.

The park is huge, but it feels small because you can see across to the other sides of the park in certain areas — which tricks your (ahem, kids’) mind into thinking, you are not that far away.

This place probably outranks another favorite park in the area. Have you visited here? What do you typically do while you’re here?