A.D.A.P.T Wellness Guide

Many of us are stuck in an exhausting cycle of feeling horrible about what we are doing, what we are not doing enough of, or what we are not doing at all, that we become mean to ourselves.

Many of us have been taught to ignore our body’s signals and to listen to experts because they know us BETTER than we know ourselves. As a result, we have become disconnected from ourselves.

If we do not realize what is influencing our behaviors, we may make decisions that do not serve us in the long-term.

This wellness guide includes my education, my experience as a mother, and what I learned from my own wellness struggles.  The information in this guide might suck and it might help you understand why you are struggling to achieve your wellness goals.

If you decide to purchase, you are free to take this information and apply what is helpful or you are free to do nothing with it (I do not offer refunds).