Walkin’ in Wausau – Doepke Park

Next up on our park tour is Doepke Recreation Area. This is “our” place. It’s usually our first choice, we do quick outings or spend as much time here as possible, we stop here after running errands, we’ve practiced riding without training wheels here, we’ve tested out our snowshoes here, etc. 

This park has it all and is fun for all ages. You can find something to do here year-round. You’ll find a soccer field, baseball diamonds, walking/fitness trail, bathrooms, playground, pond, and two ice rinks in winter. 

If you haven’t already noticed (from previous posts), I’m sharing places that are not technically in Wausau. Doepke and other places made my list because I refer to the entire area as Wausau — close enough, right?! 😁

It’s nearly impossible to miss this place as it is visible from the road. From a young age, our kids knew what roads lead to Doepke as well as yelling, “Mom, MOM! Doepke park! I wantto goooo there. Can we go there? Go back, GO back!”

We usually end up here for the playground (and bathrooms). This is us leaving the bathroom yet again. It is nice to be able to view the playground from here — for those times you need to be in two places at once.

There are two playground here. It can accomodate toddlers to big kids — our toddlers preferred the big-kid area.

And our big kids preferred the toddler area — ha! figures. 

When the playgrounds become boring, there’s a walking trail to explore. It really feels like there are multiple trails here because the scenery is different with each section of the trail.

If walking bores your kids quickly — they can try a few obstacles. 

 Or bring the bikes and bike along the paved trail.  

Or let ’em find ways to entertain themselves. 

I hope you enjoyed this park tour. Looking back at these pictures is making me impatient for the warmer days of spring. Fingers crossed the snow will not return. 

See you next week!